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Projects » Cash Awards Programme

We have displayed banners with details of our Merit award scheme, in the Urdu Medium schools to motivate the students for better performance. The Merit award of Rs.10,000/- to those who get 9.3 GPA and above marks was very attractive and created a good competitive spirit among them. For students with percentage between 8.3 To 9.2 GPA, the amount of award is Rs.3,000/- and for those who got between 7.3 To 8.2 GPA the amount of award is Rs.1,500/-.

The banners were displayed in their class rooms well before the examinations which remind the students every day and create a good sense of competition among them to attain cash award.

We are also paying cash award to 8th and 9th class students of our Urdu Medium schools. The amount of award is as following: 1st Ranker : Rs.2500/- 2nd Ranker: Rs.2000/- and 3rd Ranker: Rs.1500/-