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To build a strong and vibrant India on the foundations of education and universal values.
To facilitate access to quality education by poor rural students and guide them towards empowering and lucrative careers.
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Opportunity at the right time can save a life A Small deed can make a world of difference Let's educate the needy & bring about the change!
Welcome To Educate India Fund
We firmly believe that the future of India knowledge economy will be secured by a strong and vibrant India. Educate India Fund was founded on the belief that education and citizenship form the backbone of all dynamic societies. Consequently, access to quality education is the key to unlock our greatest resource -- human potential.

EIF is striving to spread education among the rural masses, especially those who suffer from socio-economic barriers. Our vision is to work towards creating an enlightened and prosperous nation founded on the universally cherished values of truth, tolerance and social justice. The organization funds a network of schools in remote areas in Andhra Pradesh and aids in placing meritorious students at premier academic institutes across the country. Our partnerships with other organizations with similar goals has enabled us to reach deeper into our rural areas to realize our dream of building a thriving nation.